The Story


Elope TO San Diego was created by Reverend Christopher Tuttle an AWARD WINNING San Diego and Temecula Wine Country Wedding Officiant in the summer of 2003, after hearing about a couple that paid over $1,000 just to elope! Crazy!

Webster’s defines “Elope”; to slip away: to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent.

“An elopement should not be expensive! What it should be is; a special moment without the hassles and expense of a wedding and shame on those that take advantage of couple’s just wanting to avoid the high costs of a wedding!” Rev. Christopher – Elope to San Diego.

“Sharing the difference between an “Elopement” and “Wedding” with our couples is crucial to helping couples understand how to save money in their elopement planning”. said Rev. Tuttle in a recent interview. “We understand that couples are simply wanting an alternative to Vegas or the Courthouse. Plus as “real” Chaplains, in addition to a civil type ceremony, we can offer a Spiritual or Christian ceremony that the Clerk’s office can’t” he concluded.

He put his plan together; To offer professional and romantic elopement services to couples without overcharging couples. Since that blessed day, he, along with his wife Chaplain Mary, have helped thousands of couples from around the world Elope TO San Diego™ by not only creating an unforgettable elopement ceremony, but by helping couples find lodging, photographers and even offering restaurant suggestions and lodging.

Bringing couples together is what Rev. Christopher and Chaplain Mary do full time and elopements are an exciting and romantic part of his wedding ministry! This is what sets them a part from most of the others. 100% focus on weddings and their couples, How many others can say that!

Elope TO San Diego™ has brought together many of San Diego’s quality wedding vendors in the area that believe in the Elope TO San Diego concept and have agreed to offer special rates and services just for Elope TO San Diego couples. Some force their couples to use a family member as their photographer at a cost 4 times greater than ours. Very sad.

On a local wedding magazine website they sell their referral services to local vendors with the following statement…”It is time you get a piece or a bigger piece of this gold filled wedding cake!” Don’t you feel special knowing that most wedding vendors are out for your money?